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2-4 July 2024
Avani Pemba Beach Hotel, Cabo Delgado

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Field Ready Flies

Mozambique Beach

Field Ready Flies

A special offer for our MEIS/ Generation Ready participants

Field Ready Ltd has secured an exclusive agreement with Solenta Aviation Mozambique SA to produce the in-flight magazine for all its charter and private aircraft in Mozambique.

These aircraft are the only means for senior executives, budget holders and decision-makers from the largest international oil and gas companies operating in the country to access operational sites in Cabo Delgado. The aircraft also support major mining companies, national organisations, the UN, World Bank and other entities.

There are currently three 50-seater aircraft making multiple trips chartered by major oil and mining companies.The usage of these aircraft will increase dramatically in the coming months and our agreement extends to all additional aircraft operated by Solenta Aviation Mz SA.

There is currently no provision of in-flight entertainment or wifi on board the aircraft, so advertising partners are assured of significant attention to their content from the budget holders responsible for multi-billion dollar projects. This is a unique opportunity.

Through interesting and engaging case studies written to a high journalistic standard, the focus of the Field Ready in-flight magazine is to promote the operational successes of the Mozambique Employability Platform, our partners’ social impact investments, operational capabilities and how together we support the objectives of key clients. Field Ready’s programmes prepare Mozambican youth for employment in a wide range of industry sectors.

By advertising with “Field Ready Flies” our partners may attend annual Alliance meetings and networking activities. They join a highly motivated group focused on social impact and operational effectiveness driven by local employment and training.

Partner Advertising Rates 2024

Partner Advertising Rates 2024

The ‘Field Ready Flies’ publication will be produced in three full colour, high quality, editions per year distributed via Solenta Aviation Mozambique SA.

All our advertising partners are invited to a special workshop and cocktail evening with key stakeholders from our readership.

(All prices are in GBP and exclusive of WHT).

Space One Edition Two Editions Three Editions*
Inside front         $9,950         $11,950         $13,950
Back cover             $9,950         $11,950         $13,950
Inside back         $8,950         $10,950             $12,950
Full page inside         $6,950         $7,950         $8,950
Half page inside         $4,950         $5,950         $6,950
Diary entry and logo         $950         $1,750         $2,450

*Advertisers committing to three editions in 2024 can lock in their placing under a three-year agreement at 2024 rates.

To book your space, please contact Paul Gilbert: +44 7850 025295