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2-4 July 2024
Avani Pemba Beach Hotel, Cabo Delgado

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The Strategic Conference

Mozambique Beach

The Strategic Conference

The programme for the strategic conference anchored on the growth and diversification of the Mozambique economy accelerated by the current and anticipated investments in the huge gas and LNG projects.

Mozambique is forecasted to become the largest LNG producer in sub-Saharan Africa and the fourth largest in the world. Gas is seen as the fuel of choice in the energy transition and a catalyst for diversification and industrialisation. Over the course of MEIS 2023, we brought together all the national and international stakeholders to assess how to transform Mozambique from a natural resources producer to an energy and industrial hub:

  • Mozambique LNG supply impact on the global LNG industry over the next 5 years
  • Update on current and future projects, pressure brought by low storage levels and high prices
  • Coral Sul FLNG start-up as accelerator for local content, job creation, industrialisation and knowledge transfer
  • Energy transition – how to turn a threat into an opportunity
  • Local Content challenges: qualification, financing, procurement, payment terms
  • Local Content best practices, capacity building, technology transfer
  • Mozambique as a mining global giant
  • Gas fuelling Mozambique: from producer to energy and industrial hub
  • Fast-forwarding electrification of Mozambique 
  • Developing a skilled workforce for the energy, minerals and industrial sectors
  • Ensuring Women and diversity are at the core of all developments