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July 2025

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Mozambique Beach

Suleimane Meguegey

Suleimane Meguegey

Socioeconomic Senior Advisor, ExxonMobil

Suleimane Meguegy, has more than 20 years’ work experience as a socioeconomic practitioner. He joined ExxonMobil Mozambique Limitada in 2019 as the resettlement advisor and became Senior Socioeconomic Advisor in 2022, overseeing Community Engagement and Investment, Local Content and Resettlement implementation. He previously served as Land Access and Resettlement Senior Advisor for the Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development (2016-1018), and before as Head of Social Performance for Rio Tinto (2012-2015) in mining sector. Meguegy studied Architecture and Urban Planning and acquired his master’s degree in development Practices at the University of Queensland in Australia.