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July 2025

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Nuno Maposse

Nuno Maposse

Specialist Director, Mozambique Stock Exchange

An Investment and Export Promotion Expert is the acting Director of the Projects Management Division at APIEX (Mozambique’s Investment and Export Promotion Agency), with a Master in Business Leadership, and more than 30 years of experience promoting the image of Mozambique as a privileged destination for national and foreign investment, to national and foreign investors, in forums, conferences, seminars and trade fairs in Mozambique and abroad.

His work content includes, among other tasks, the negotiation of investment projects, bilateral agreements, regional (SADC) and continental treaties (African Continental Free Trade Area), and participation in the design and implementation of legal reform, policies and strategies to improve the business environment in Mozambique.

Nuno Maposse is fluent in side and outside the country in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.