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July 2025

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Mozambique Beach

Júlio Ferreira Carneiro

Júlio Ferreira Carneiro

Manager, Converge Lda, Portugal

Academic degrees                     

  • PhD degree in Hydrogeology at the University of London, United Kingdom. 2005
  • MSc degree in Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources, University College London. 1996
  • Licenciatura (Geologia), University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, 1991.
Main research areas
  • Natural hydrogen occurrence, having conducted the national assessment made Morocco and developed a remote sensing methodology to identify potential hydrogen seeps at surface. Currently coordinating project HyAfrica:  Towards a next-generation renewable energy source –   a natural hydrogen solution for power supply in Africa

in which natural hydrogen potential is assessed in four African countries: Mozambique, Morocco, South Africa and Togo. Funded by the LEAP-RE programme.

  • CO2 storage for climate mitigation purposes. Coordinated and /or participated in the assessments of CO2 storage capacity in Portugal and in the design of the CO2 transport network in the Iberian Peninsula, conducted in the scope of several projects;
  • Energy storage in geological formations, including hydrogen storage;
  • Geothermal Resource Assessment, having coordinated the assessments in the Oriental Region of Morocco and the ongoing assessment for the Southern provinces.
Relevant Projects for H-Series Mozambique
  • Natural Hydrogen expertise and exploration in the kingdom of Morocco. Study for ONHYM – Office National des Hydrocarbures et Mines. 2019-2020. Coordinator
  • Geothermal Resource Assesment at the Oriental Region of Morocco. Study for  for ONHYM – Office National des Hydrocarbures et Mines. 2017-2019. Coordinator
  • STRATEGY CCUS - STrategic planning of Regions And Territories in Europe for low-carbon enerGy and industrY through CCUS. Funded by the European Comission H2020. Ongoing. Member of Management Board.
  • INCARBON – in-situ carbonation for reduction of CO2 emissions from energy and industrial sources in Alentejo.  PTDC/CTA-GEO/31853/2017. Ongoing. Coordinator
  • ESTMAP, Energy storage mapping and planning- WP3: Subsurface Data Collection.  Subcontracted by consortium BRGM/TNO/VITO/ECOFYS. 2015-2016. Funded by the European Comission H2020. Coordinator in Portugal.
  • MIGRATE, Marine gas hydrate - an indigenous resource of natural gas for Europe. ESF COST Action ES1405. 2015-2019. National coordinator.
  • CCS-PT, CCS Roadmap for Portugal. Funded by the Global CCS Institute and the Portuguese Environment Agency, 2014-2015. Coordinator.
  • KTEJO – Feasibility study of CO2 capture and storage in the Pego Coal Power Plant. Funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework, 2010-2011. Coordinator .
  • COMET – An Integrated Infrastructure for CO2 transport and storage in the west Mediterranean. Funded by the European Commission FP7, 2009-2012. Member of management Board
  • Hydrogeothermal potential of the Lias aquifer in eastern Morocco and possibilities of uses: Medium and high enthalpy. FCT/CNRST Bilateral project. 2010-2011. Coordinator.