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Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
30-31 May 2023

Maputo, Mozambique
6-8 June 2023

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Introducing MEIS: Cabo Delgado

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Introducing MEIS: Cabo Delgado

As a new edition for 2023, MEIS: Cabo Delgado will take place 30-31 May 2023, officially hosted by the Provincial Government of Cabo Delago

Cabo Delgado is a beautiful region rich in natural resources and natural wealth, with support and partnership with the Provincial Government of Cabo Delgado, MEIS: Cabo Delgado welcomes you to not only explore the beautiful surroundings but learn more about the province’s potential for growth and success.

MEIS: Cabo Delgado is the region’s first and largest event which explores the investment opportunities across the industries prevalent in the region. With great opportunities to invest and key reasons to drive development in the region with regards to infrastructure, there has never been a better time to launch the summit. The two-day event will not only explore all the opportunities, it also serves as a key strategic conference for the local and international stakeholders.


Greetings everyone. Cabo Delgado is a reference in Africa and the world in terms of energy resources, especially after the discovery of more than 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Rovuma basin. Associated with this treasure are the enormous tourist, agricultural and industrial potential that are currently gaining strength, through the initiative of industrial parks in Cabo Delgado - CD Parks. So, to share opportunities and facilitate business, we would like to welcome everyone to the Province of Cabo Delgado to participate in the Mozambique Energy and Industry Summit, which we are proud to co-organize and host in Pemba, in May.

We are waiting for you!


H.E. Antonio Njanje Taimo Supeia

Greetings everyone!

Pioneers of a historic epic of liberation from the colonial yoke, Cabo Delgado is once again entrusted with the historic mission of economic liberation by hosting the biggest investments ever in the entire region, in the energy sector, at a time when the world is looking for the best sources of energy to transition.

On behalf of the government authorities, the private sector and the more than 2.3 million inhabitants, we want to welcome the Mozambique Energy & Industry Summit in Cabo Delgado that we are proud to organize. By Cabo Delgado, Participate!