Webinar two: Helping local SMEs secure opportunities brought by Mozambique gas discovery

Thursday 9th June 2022, 10:00 - 12.00 (CAT)

Local Content provisions ensure that the opportunities brought by big energy and industrial developments are shared for maximum economic and social benefit by awarding goods and services contracts to national companies. The great majority of national companies are SMEs who can be the key to making sure these projects are a success over the long-term.


  • Benchmarking strategies to upscale expertise and capability among local suppliers in order to secure long-term projects’ success
  • Challenges to supply chain mapping of Mozambique’s local suppliers
  • How can established players help SMEs access finance and investment to capitalise on potential growth opportunities
  • Raising the local SMEs visibility to International Oil Companies (IOC) and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractors
  • Role of big operators in sharing costs and allocating time for an enterprise developing programmes
  • Overcoming the local SMEs limited ability to meet international standards

Webinar one: Capturing Local Content Value

The first webinar of the MEIS series took place on Wednesday 25th May 2022.

Mozambique is fast moving towards taking its place as a key supplier and is set to become an important energy and industry hub. Local Content provisions ensure that these opportunities are shared with the wider population through the preference in the contracting of supply of goods and services to national companies, owned by Mozambican citizens or legal entities and/or held by Mozambican citizens.


  • How to expand the positive impact oil, gas and mining operations on the local workforce and small enterprises?
  • What does Mozambique’s local sector face in fully engaging in the latest energy and mining developments and how to overcome them?
  • Enabling small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) to access the value chain: qualification, financing, procurement, payment terms
  • Local Content Best Practices, capacity building, technology transfer


  • Natália Magaia Camba, Director Local Content, INP – National Petroleum Institute


  • Elthon Chemane, Chairman, MEIS & Founder, Local Content Platform
  • Danlami Gomwalk, Principal Domestic Linkages Officer, African Natural Resource Centre, African Development Bank Group
  • Joaquina Gumeta.Director General, IPEME - Institute for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Jessica Kyeyune, National Content Specialist, Uganda National Oil Company


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