Mozambique - a new future

The international Mozambique Energy & Industry Summit is organised at a perfect time with massive inbound investments coming into Mozambique through its nascent oil and gas sector

Endorsed by both The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy and The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, under the theme of Driving Investment, Growth and Prosperity in Mozambique, the strategic summit programme will be centered around building a new future for Mozambique's economy through the actual and anticipated inbound investment flows from the huge LNG and gas projects. In addition, the programme will deliver sessions focused across the diversified economy including finance, regulation, local content, services and technology  

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"The Province of Cabo Delgado, like the rest of Mozambique, recognise the Mozambique Energy & Industry Summit as a forum that will be a catalyst for the recovery of the economy and to build a new future for the country. In the expectation of the materialisation of the local content opportunities, we congratulate the initiative (to launch the summit) and encourage all the stakeholders and participants."

H.E. Valige Tauabo
Governador de Cabo Delgado

"Cabo Delgado, à semelhança do País em geral, olha para a Primeira Cimeira Moçambique de Energia e Indústria que se realiza sob lema Mozambique Energy and Industry Summit, como um fórum que irá galvanizar a retoma da economia e edificar um novo futuro. Queremos assim, expectantes na materialização do conteúdo local-local, saudar a iniciativa da realização desta Cimeira. Bem hajam à todos os participantes."

H.E. Valige Tauabo
Governador de Cabo Delgado


"The Mozambique Chamber of Commerce (CCM) recognizes the importance that the Mozambique Energy & Industry Summit has for the country's economic development and its potential in business linkages that stimulate new investments in Mozambique. In this context, CCM supports the Summit and will participate in the event, promoting Mozambican business and creating synergies for strategic partnerships."

Álvaro Massingue, President, Mozambique Chamber of Commerce (pictured)

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Over 400 senior energy and industry-led executives are expected to participate in the events during the Mozambique Energy & Industry Series (MEIS) 2022 which will cover key topics and provide insightful information into key sectors. Over two days between 22-23 June; the main MEIS conference programme will address the key issues affecting Mozambique’s energy and enterprise industry moving ahead - Expert speakers will be drawn from Government, the state and private sectors.


The Mozambique Energy & Industry Series sponsorship packages offer branding opportunities extensively throughout the conference and exhibition, during the lead up to the event, as well as after the event – creating a fantastic return on investment, whilst also allowing your company the opportunity to engage and connect with the wider audience for as long as possible.

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